Recommendation 3

Decrease exposure to violence and too much media

Media can be fun and educational

Media should be age appropriate

Reasons to Limit Exposure to Violence in the Media

It increases hurtful behavior

It causes children to be less caring

Unrealistic follow up information about the people involved

Young children do not know the difference between real and pretend

Remind children that, in real life, people are hurt

If given the choice, many children will watch too much media

Teach your child to have a well-balanced life

“If all you do is watch media, I am not being a responsible parent.”

Balance screen time with other activities

Having real world experiences such as going to the park

Talking with family and friends


Being creative

Reading for pleasure, both alone and with your child

Helping with chores

Exercising - consider at least one hour each day

There is no “right amount of screen time”

Real world experiences are best

Do not allow unlimited access to media devices

Reasons to not allow unlimited access in the bedroom

More time with family

It is hard to know what your child is watching

Better grades

Prevent sleep problems


For children with behavior problems, reasons why media should be limited

They need extra guidance

Media distracts both you and your child

Even With The Media Off, Some Children See Violence In Their Homes

If adults in your home are violent or abusive, get an assessment from a professional for your personal situation

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